Friday, May 18, 2007

Stop the Whaling

The Japanese, Norwegian and Icelandic governments plan to cull over 900 whales in the next year (including endangered fin whales), and to continue such practices indefinitely. The whaling ban was put into place by the International Whaling Commission to protect these mammals, due to the unsustainable manner in which they were culled in the past. Their reproductive cycle is far too slow to compensate for the losses sustained continuously due to the actions of Norway, Japan and Iceland, amongst others. The scientific research that is planned is non-existent, and whale meat remains unpopular in the commercial food markets of the countries involved. The European Union Commission is a world leader in the field of animal welfare and the responsible use of resources - we urge the prime minister, as our representative, to increase import tax for goods originating from the nations involved in commercial whaling, until the ban is once again adhered to. If commercial whaling goes ahead, a matter of time separates us from the untempered ravaging of oceans by a few select nations.

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