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Rachael M. Griffin B.Sc.M.B
Marine Biologist

Rachael Griffin (B.Sc. Marine Biology) is an independent researcher and photographer located in Victoria BC Canada. A graduate from the University of British Columbia with a Marine Biology Major she specializes in whale research, bioacoustics, and wildlife photography. Her research experience includes monitoring marine mammals in critical habitats, observing vessel effects on killer whale behaviours, investigating whale and dolphin vocalizations, recording sound levels in killer whale habitats. She is originally from England and has contributed to the development of the BeWhaleWise Guidelines and co-authored the paper Killer Whales are Capable of Vocal Learning. In 2005 she developed the Acoustic Monitoring Project and works in partnership with government and educational organizations to identify received sound levels in killer whale habitats. Rachael has over four years experience managing marine stewardship programs, monitoring vessel behaviour around marine mammals, meeting with ecotourism and government agencies to discuss best management practices. Rachael is currently pawning streams, and promoting conservation awareness through the construction of environmental educational presentations.

Other related experience includes working as a Marine Biologist for ecotourism companies to increase knowledge of marine mammal behaviour, promoting stewardship and educating the public on conserving marine species and their habitats. Rachael has worked for the Vancouver Aquarium as a marine Interpreter and database assistant. While at the University of British Columbia she worked as a research assistant, collecting data from scientific articles, aided with Steller Sea Lion morphological measurements, and organized head office paper work. Rachael has coordinated and trained volunteers in boating safety, recording methods, and monitoring efforts. She is a diligent fast-learning team player with a professional and positive work ethic, being self-motivated, creative, flexible and articulate, skilled at problem solving.

Rachael has proven research skills through establishing experimental design, collecting and analyzing data using various field equipment including hydrophones and photo-identification techniques, writing scientific proposals and papers, and conducting research seminars. Her technical skills include being proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator; and Premiere, Dreamweaver Macromedia, and acoustic software. She is experienced with darkroom equipment and procedures, using negative and photographic solutions, and scanning images. Rachael is a certified Advanced PADI scuba diver, experienced boat operator (Pleasure Craft Operator’s Certificate), and trained in marine safety through the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Restricted Operator’s Certificate Maritime, Emergency First Aid, Crew Level 1), and Occupational First Aid.

Website - Aquagreen Marine Research
Guidelines - Be Whale Wise
Paper - Killer Whales are Capable of Vocal Learning
AMP - Acoustic Monitoring Project
SRKW - Call Catalogue.

Oceansun / L25


Sheila Hynes, Mes, HBa
International Marine Education

Sheila Hynes is an Expert in International Marine Education, with 14 years experience. Her areas of expertise include Teaching Methods, Marine Assessments, and Business Sustainability. Sheila is originally from the Northeast Coast of Canada. Major projects include Case Study Curriculum, Marine Ecosystem-Based Management (MEBM), and Marine Assessments. Focusing on the best interests of the marine ecosystem, Shelia is a liaison between the public, teachers, government, and industry. Some of Sheila’s accomplishments include achieving First Class Honors with Academic Distinction in her BA, and completing a rigorous Master’s in Environment program, receiving several awards for distinction during her career. Above and beyond her achievements, Sheila cares about the health and well being of her colleagues, stakeholders of her projects, good water, quality education, the protection of endangered species, and cultural tradition, all making her an outstanding and valuable leader in her field.


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